Christchurch city was crying out for mult-purpose units so business people could return to work after the 2011 earthquake.

City West Business Park is a cluster of four blocks divided into 19 units suitable for small to medium sized Christchurch businesses. The carefully designed industrial park took a year to complete.

We developed 19 industrial units ranging in size from 110m2 to 700m2.  Four blocks of units were built in three stages and all pre-sold prior to construction. The units are concrete tilt slab construction with internal office and kitchennette and functional for different small industrial uses.

Project Details

  • Value: $4.5 million
  • 19 units ranging in size from 110m2 to 700m2
classic-developments-industrial-city-west-business-park-1-cropped.jpg classic-developments-industrial-city-west-business-park-2-cropped.jpg classic-developments-industrial-city-west-business-park-3-cropped.jpg classic-developments-industrial-city-west-business-park-5-cropped.jpg